In this course, you will be trained on how to work with any camera to capture video. What settings to watch out for when filming in different conditions, the differences between film and digital video, the history of cinematography and its evolution.

For this course, you'll need:

- A Video enabled camera: In order of preference, minimum to maximum (DSLR, MIRRORLESS, CINEMA GRADE)


- A Laptop computer 

Good luck on your videography journey!

Video/Film Editing

Video/Film Editing

In this course, you will learn how to harness the power of the cut to bring a visual story to life.
You will be taught non-linear editing using Adobe Premiere Pro as our case study. 
You will be learning video editing principles and concepts which would  help you find your own style as an editor.

For this course, you will need to have
- A Laptop with a minimum specification of
     - Intel core i5
     - 4 GB RAM
     - 320 GB HDD
- Adobe Premiere Pro Software with an active subscription (which can be bought from the school)

Good luck on your video editing journey!



In this course, you will learn the principles of photography.
Light makes up colour and colour is what our eyes and brain see, so does the camera. The difference is that unlike our eyes, the camera needs to be told how to view light in order to get that perfect image; and how you do that is what this course is about. 

You'll need:
- A Camera (min: DSLR, max: Mirrorless)
- A PC with minimum specifications
   - Intel core i5
   - 4GB RAM
- SD cards
- Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom software with active subscription which can be purchased in the school.

Good luck on your photography journey!